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Freedom Summit Interview with Croix Sather

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Feb 27 2019




The media calls him, "Marathon Man." In just one year Croix went from a non-runner to a run across America. For 100 days, he ran a marathon each day. Plus each day, he gave an inspirational speech to audiences how to transform their life.

Croix is a professional speaker on life transformation and psychology of success. He is the author of Dream Big Act Big and many other books and he has spoken on the prestigious stages of TEDx in NYC, & TEDx Las Vegas as well as many of America's top corporations.

At the Freedom Summit, Croix will share the following:

Learn How To Transform Your Life In Just 1 year

Learn How To Create A New Wealth Lifestyle

Learn How To Live Financially Free, Location Free and Struggle Free

Learn How To Create A Conscious Lifestyle Business

What does this mean? Learn how you can leave the traditional world of trading hours for dollars, work from home or anywhere you want, and create a life of freedom.

Most importantly Croix is going to teach you how to harness your mind to get bigger results faster and easier with “Neuro-3 Programming.” ™ This is a system Croix developed to harness the power of your mind. It will be your secret formula for success to transform your life.

Our renowned International and Local Speakers will share YOU the:<br><br> 10 Ways To Make Income Online As A Digital Nomad<br> How To Get Started As A Digital Nomad<br> How To Get Sponsored Sightseeing, Food, Accommodation, and Transport As A Digital Nomad Travel Blogger<br> How To Create A Life That Lets You Live Anywhere and Travel The World<br> How To Get Rich In Your Niche<br> How You Can Get Outside Your Comfort Zone And Succeed<br> How To Create The New Wealth Lifestyle<br> How to Live Life Without Limits<br> How To Make Money Work Hard For You<br> How To Gain Your Freedom Through Passive Income<br> How To Implement Business Systems That Increase Productivity<br> How To Leverage Your Time To Increase Your Income, Impact, and Freedom<br> How To Take Advantage Of The Golden Age of Attention Marketing<br> How to Price Based On The Value, Not On Skill<br> How To Make A Lot of Money for Your Clients and Yourself (Whilst Living on a Beach)<br> How To Identify The Right Message, The Right Market, and Dominate It Before Their Competition Realizes What Happened<br> AND A LOT MORE!!!<br> Sponsored by About Freedom Summit

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